Sunday, 26 June 2011

I've been hand knitting!

Hi everyone! Thought i would post a photo of what i have been doing recently. In terms of machine knitting ive mainly been concentrating on knitting my samples for the correspondence course, so have decided to finish the handknit cardigan i started a few weeks back. Its almost complete, ive just got to sew the other side seam and underarm, then just buttons to put on. Im really pleased with it as ive spent extra special time sewing it together with neat seams.

Will try and post a pic of the neckband samples i have been knitting for the course in a few days. Im just finishing the last which has been a pain in the neck - no pun intended!

Thats all for now


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

It's FINISHED!!!!!!!

At last! It is complete! I am so pleased with the finished result - im just glad its finished, as ive had a few moments with it when ive thought about giving up. The bands at the front were a pain to do and to match up - and the the zip, dont even go there. It is done however and im very chuffed.

Do you like my clothes label on the neck? Thought i would give them a try.

Currently working on a blue and green stripey vest top for myself using the YC6 colour changer and the knit radar. Its turning out well, just got to do the ribbing around the arms and neck now.

Catch you all later