Friday, 27 April 2012

Oh Wow!! Think I've fallen in love with knit weaving!!

Was experimenting with my 965i this morning and found an odd ball of cream aran yarn so thought i would have a go at knit weaving. Not really done this before - I did have a go once with my Knitmaster 700 but it never progressed to anything.

I just chose 2 random patterns from the Stitch World book (PS Loving how if I see a pattern I like its just at the touch of a button and I dont have to sit for hours punching out punchcards getting covered in little plastic circles!) Did the above two patterns and now this has stirred some ideas in my head.

Im thinking of doing a jacket with an orange/rust as the 4ply main yarn and a nice fancy mossy/speckly green as the weaving yarn. Need to look around for some potential yarn candidates but think this could be something nice.

Other news I got my knit leader out to have a look more closely - everything there, and Im chuffed as I have heard you can use dress making patterns with this knit leader (You cant with the KR7 - its not big enough to take the pattern!) Looking forward to trying this out as I find dressmaking patterns look a bit more "modern" than some knitting patterns.

Thats all for now


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Another new machine - oooops AGAIN!!!

First of all I have to say sorry for a huge lack of posts - I have been so busy lately with other things and have just not got round to it.

Just posting an update and letting you all know of my recent purchase - a Brother KH 965i complete with 850 ribber, single and double bed colour changers, knit leader, floppy drive and PPD cartridge. I bought it all from an old lady who was giving up machine knitting due to age. All was bought brand new by her and the machine is in brilliant condition. Luckily she only lived up the road so was able to go and see it beforehand and bring it home.

I sold my Knitmaster 155 machine and ribber and decided to put the money from that towards this new machine. I had been thinking for a while about getting rid of the chunky - I never use it and it just sat there under my desk doing nothing. Plus I dont really like knitting with chunky yarns anymore - I think they suit kids more rather than adults. If I do want to knit with chunky I have the LK150 or the Bond. People dont really wear big chunky jumpers anymore as many have central heating these days; whatsmore I prefer the bigger range of finer quality yarns available for standard gauge machines like those from Yeoman, which I am finding I am using lots of these days.

I just tried my garter carriage on the 965i and thank god it works!

Hope to post more soon