Sunday, 19 May 2013

Finally upgraded to an E6000!! Wow!!

I have finally given in and bought an E6000! I know, another machine but I have been getting back into the whole Passap knitting again and was finding I wanted to make the best use of the Passap, and that being its patterning... jacquard etc... but I cant stand having to punch out punchcards for designs... plus one blank punchcard for a deco is fairly expensive. Anyway having an E6000 means I have hundreds of patterns at the click of a button! No punchcards, no punching, no hassle!

The console has surprised me and is SO EASY to use, in fact I think its easier than my Brother electric. Its quite finnicky really, it kind of asks you dumb questions that you have to answer, but on the whole I am loving experimenting with all the different in built patterns.

Whoever says Passaps are boring and hard work needs to get themselves on one and see just how amazing they are!!!

Next step is a motor!!!