Thursday, 24 February 2011

3 ply Top

This is the 3 ply top ive been making since last week. After my problems with the 3 ply i think we have sorted our differences out and with the help of Susan ive been able to finish it - and most importantly made it the right size!!!!!

Thanks to Susan for the advice using the Knitware software. The software is fantastic and if you havent got it go and download it as its very useful. So thank you Susan for your help with that.

Thats all for now. Im hoping to have a good play with the chunky ribber soon and start to make some things with it. Ive got some grey aran and some brownish aran so im thinking im going to make a vest with the brown and a keyhole neck sweater with the grey. Thats what i plan to anyway, whether i actually do that or not is yet to be decided!!

Catch you later


Monday, 21 February 2011

Knitmaster SR155 Ribber - at last!!!!

Just posting a pic of new ribber and a little test swatch i did this evening. It was waiting for me when i got home from work today. It certainly needed a clean, and i replaced the sponge bar as it was non existant however i was thinking that it would be a plastic bar like my SRP60 ribber but no its a sponge one - does anyone know if you can use a plastic one in the SR155 though?

The only glitch on the ribber is on the carriage itelf. The plastic on the front is peeling on the left, so im thinking im gona wack some extra extra strong glue behind and try and stick it down - its the only option.

So, just got to think of what im going to use with it. Woudnt mind doing a ribbed cardi or something, or maybe something with a hood Who knows? We'll see!!!

Catch you all later! Happy knitting.


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

3 ply - What's the point???

I am very angry right now. Last week i saw a pattern that i wanted to knit for my partner, so we talked about it and he chose which colours he wanted. I ordered the wool, and as the pattern called for 3 ply i obviously bought 3 ply, which i may point out is the first time i have ever knitted with 3 ply.

The yarn arrived yesterday, so today i set to and started on the back. The first thing i always do is a tension swatch to make sure i knit things up correctly so they knit to the right size. Tension square done, and i decided that my main tension on the 700 would be 4 and a dot (which seems about right considering i use around T6 for 4 ply.

Knitted the ribbing, transfered the stitches knitted the back, looked ok. Knitted the fronts, not looking ok! Knitted one sleeve to see if it would be ok, and no completely too short, so i dont know where ive gone wrong considering i did everything correctly and followed the pattern.

All i can say is, 3 ply - whats the point???? I may aswell be knitting with cotton thread from my mums sewing machine your that thin!!!!!! So i got so frustrated, things got flung across the room and a few rude words kept coming from my mouth. In the end i ended up walking out of the room with a raging headache.

So, ive decided what il do is tomorrow i will knit a tension swatch and try and use the Knitware design software with the help of Susan's videos.

I will not be defeated by 3 ply!!!!!!


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Knitmaster SR155 Ribber

I am hyper now ive just won an auction for a Knitmaster SR155 ribber, so im very excited!!!!

I can now do away with boring latched ribs!!!!!!


Will post photos when it arrives

Talk to you later


Friday, 4 February 2011

I got a new job!!!

I got a new job - went for the interview this morning and was offered it there and then, so i now work for the Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside as a Practical Project Assistant!!! Yay!!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

I made a sweater in 3 days!

I made a sweater in 3 days!!!!! That must be a record for me as i tend to knit the pieces one by one and then forget about them or get board and rip out what ive done and start something new.

I knitted it on the Knitmaster 302 using some very fine DK yarn i had. I was going to do it all in the brown colour but having done the back i wouldnt have had enough so did some striping on the front and did more blue on the sleeves.

I think it turned out ok although i wish i had done it V neck instead of round - but you learn from your mistakes!!!

I took the time to do my raglan seams really neatly so I got a professional finish - im very pleased with it, what do you think?

Bye for now