Thursday, 24 February 2011

3 ply Top

This is the 3 ply top ive been making since last week. After my problems with the 3 ply i think we have sorted our differences out and with the help of Susan ive been able to finish it - and most importantly made it the right size!!!!!

Thanks to Susan for the advice using the Knitware software. The software is fantastic and if you havent got it go and download it as its very useful. So thank you Susan for your help with that.

Thats all for now. Im hoping to have a good play with the chunky ribber soon and start to make some things with it. Ive got some grey aran and some brownish aran so im thinking im going to make a vest with the brown and a keyhole neck sweater with the grey. Thats what i plan to anyway, whether i actually do that or not is yet to be decided!!

Catch you later



  1. Super jumper.I like your use of the two tones of colour.

  2. It looks good, Phil. The blue and grey go well together.

  3. Thanks Andrea, im glad it turned out ok after all those problems i had. Im glad the colours eventually turned out ok Susan as when i bought the wool i thought it was more of a purpley blue rather than just blue but seems to be ok. Think its time for me to start thinking about investing in a linker as im losing patience with seams now.

  4. I would lose patience with the whole process!! My hat is off to you for doing the work to begin with!

    Don (come join us!)