Sunday, 27 November 2011

Reindeer design

Hi everyone

Sorry I have not posted in a while, been busy with other things.

Though I would share this photo. Ive got another commission at the moment, and a reindeer themed sweater is wanted. I cam up with this design, based on one i found for a hand knitting patter but have slightly modified it to give my own twist.

These are just samples so obviously wont be in these colours. The end colours will be a burgundy and a white. I used the elongation lever on the sample to the left, and i think i will use that one towards the bottom of the sweater, then a panel of plain knitting or norweigan fairisle, then the normal pattern but mirror image to the other.

I think I will just be doing the fair isle on the front, and having plain sleeves and back, maybe with a bit of fairisle just near the cuffs - some herringbone perhaps?

Any ways thats all for now, hope you like :-)


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Swung and Tucked Ribs

Just thought I would upload some photos of some swung ribs I have been trying out. I have never done these before but was amazed how easy they are to do. I cant imagine making a garment in them as its too tedious, but i thought little squares done in different colours would make a nice blanket all sewn up?

Swung English Rib

Swung Rib pattern

Swung Tuck Rib

Swung Rib Pattern

Variation Swing

Herringbone Swing

Swung Rib with racking variation

These were fun to knit up, and I am glad I have tried them out.

That's all for now