Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Herringbone Vest!

Ok so i have a confession to make! I started a few weeks back making the Herringbone sweater in the Erika Knight book, however after a few rows i got board, and was finding it difficult to do the 2 colour work on the purl side. So, i cheated and made a punch card for my Knitmaster 155! Exactly the same pattern, so i have been making a vest instead of the sweater.
Ive even been using 4 ply yarn on the chunky, and its knitted up just right. When i compare 4 ply knitted on the standard machine its amazing how much more stiffer and firm the material is. I much prefer this softer, hand knitted effect.

Ive done both the front and back, just got the ribs to do for the bottom of the front and back. Then the arm bands and the collar, all going to be in the black yarn.

Thats it for now


Monday, 10 January 2011

Textured Vest

It was my birthday in November and one of the presents i was given was Erika Knight's book "Men's Knits: A new direction" It's only now i have come round to casting on for one of the projects. You may have remembered the fairisle slash neck jumper i did on the 155, well i wasnt particularly happy with how it turned out, plus i didnt have enough of the yarn to finish it off, so i decided to pull it all out.

I would have had to get more of the yarn to finish it off but i would have had loads of leftovers, which i didnt really want. So i am now knitting by hand a textured vest from the book, and will have enough to finish it off. Its fairly easy to do, so just doing a few rows now and then, but im not rushing it, because when i do i get annoyed, particularly as its by hand.

Ive been making a bolero on the 155 with some lovely teal and peacock blue DK yarn which is a wool and acrylic mix, so is nice to knit with and very soft. Just have the collar to do and the last ribbed band to put on. I also have another 2 cones of the same wool but in 2 other colours so i need to work out what i am going to knit those into.

Thats all for now.

Catch you later