Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Herringbone Vest!

Ok so i have a confession to make! I started a few weeks back making the Herringbone sweater in the Erika Knight book, however after a few rows i got board, and was finding it difficult to do the 2 colour work on the purl side. So, i cheated and made a punch card for my Knitmaster 155! Exactly the same pattern, so i have been making a vest instead of the sweater.
Ive even been using 4 ply yarn on the chunky, and its knitted up just right. When i compare 4 ply knitted on the standard machine its amazing how much more stiffer and firm the material is. I much prefer this softer, hand knitted effect.

Ive done both the front and back, just got the ribs to do for the bottom of the front and back. Then the arm bands and the collar, all going to be in the black yarn.

Thats it for now


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  1. thats coming along great. you know I never thought of using 4ply on the 155 lol.

    oh and by the way if you ever get chace to buy a bond I think you would really like one they are so easy to use. and they are very versatile as you can extend them.