Tuesday, 30 November 2010

One Sleeve, One Front!!!

Well, ive already started knitting my first project on the 155 Chunky - i love it!!! And love that im using thicker yarns, which to me look more "modern" and in trend than finer yarns. Dont get me wrong i love my standard gauge machines, but somehow i feel the chunky will make thinks that i feel i can wear more.
Plus with it being winter now, i want to make warm thick wooly jumpers, and you just cant do that on the standard gauge machines.
I think for men, thicker yarns work better, so ive been making a slash neck pullover.

I got the pattern from a machine knitting book, but obviousy me being me ive altered it slightly and have added some fair isle on the sleeved - just a little bit to break the colour up.

Im using some lovely soft aran wool in a walnut colour, and have used cream as the contast for the fair isle. I think its knitting up fine, but i still will need to block it out ( i have a tendancy of knitting thinks and not blocking - ooops)

The front is the same as the back so for now ive done the front, and a sleeve.

Now just for the other two pieces, then to sew it together. Thinking of crocheting it together, what do you think?

Talk later


Monday, 29 November 2010

My new Knitting machine - Knitmaster 155

Yay its here - even if the courier cracked my end cap (good job i unsured it - so already ive had to order a replacement end cap for the machine and the lid!!!!) Wont be using UPS again!!!!

I love it!!!!! Cant wait to start using it and making some things.

Catch you later


Thursday, 25 November 2010

New Knitting Machine!

Oooops!!! Ive done it again! Bought another machine, however this time its one ive been after for quite some time now. Its a Knitmaster 155 Chunky Punchcard machine, and to be honest im pretty excited!!!!

My aunty had a chunky one, possibly a 155 and she loved it. Im hoping to be able to use up some of the thicker wools ive been collecting over the past few months, and also want to start converting some hand double knitting patterns onto the machine.

Apparently its in great condition and the toolbox is complete and all punchcards are present so im not complaining. When it arrives il still give it a good clean, take needles out, change spongebar etc.

Cant wait to get knitting on it.

Now all i need is the SR155 ribber for it!!!!!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Im still here! Current and recent projects!

Hey everyone, thought I would post some photos of my recent and current knitting projects, both machine and hand.

In terms of machine knitting i recently finished this reverse stocking stitch jacket on my Knitmaster Instant.

Ive made it for my friend who loves little jackets like this. Its actually a hand knitting pattern that i found in one of my mums books so i converted it onto the machine by taking a tension swatch and matching it to the tension in the pattern.

Its made out of some brown double knitting, and has knit up lovely. I thought to be different i would use wooden buttons as the wood would complement the brown autumnal shade of the jacket.

Obviously my Knitmaster Instant doesnt have a ribber, and i cant stand doing latch ribbing on machines, as it takes forever, and quite frankly is quicker to do the rib by hand. So what I did for the cuffs was just to pick up stitches with my needles and knit a 2x2 rib by hand. I think it turned out ok, what do you think? I hope she likes it anyway.

Other projects currently on the go... this grey 4 ply reverse stocking stitch cardigan knitted on the Knitmaster 700.

I came across this bargain cone of 4 ply at a local craft shop for £4.99 for 500g so i wasnt complaining as i knew i would have enough to make a cardi with it. I was also looking out for some grey 4 ply as i wanted to make something to go with some grey skinny jeans i have. I've knitted everything for it and now i have started to sew it up together. I had been looking around on ebay for an SC-3 linker so i could start sewing things together on the machine, however i hae discovered its just as easy to do it on the machine without a linker!!!!! So i have just sewn the side seams on the 700 but i will do the sleeves by hand. Again you may notice that they are hand knitted ribs - me and the ribber for this machine still are not friends and it doesnt want to play, so i have given up for the time being! Anyway hopefully it should be finished soon - just hope i dont start another project.

Here is the left front of the sporty lumbar jacket ive started on the Knitmaster 302:

Its actually from the Knitmaster 4500 manual/pattern book and knitted in black 4 ply acrylic. Even though the pattern is for the 4500 ive done it on the 302 mainly because i trust my life with this machine. It never lets me down, never drops stitches and is just my favourite machine in the world. Shame i dont have the ribber - i will get one someday i suppose. As a result i have just done a 2x1 continental welt as the rib instead.

Im quite chuffed with how the pockets are knitted - looks like ive done it right.

In terms of hand knitting ive been busy trying to finish an aran cabled jacket knitted in Patons Wool Aran. Its knitting up really nice and when its washed it comes out really soft (as i have already knitted a ribbed vest in it before) I cast off the first sleeve yesterday and have cast on and knitted the rib for the second. Just need to get the sleeve done then i can put it together and do the collar. Im very pleased with how the cable pattern came out as its my 'big' project with cables by hand. I had made a baby hoody jacket with cables for my friend but that was just simple 2x2 cable twists. This is actual aran cabling!!! It doesnt have buttons but will have a zip to fasten it up at the front. I hope you like it.

Anyway thats all for now.

Catch you later