Monday, 29 November 2010

My new Knitting machine - Knitmaster 155

Yay its here - even if the courier cracked my end cap (good job i unsured it - so already ive had to order a replacement end cap for the machine and the lid!!!!) Wont be using UPS again!!!!

I love it!!!!! Cant wait to start using it and making some things.

Catch you later



  1. UPS damaged a KH950i I bought on Ebay - but the packaging was just a plastic bag (and yes I did stress I was happy to pay extra for proper packing but the seller ignored me). The lid was toast, as were the sinker plate screws on the main carriage - had to use pliers to straighten them enough to get them out. Seller did buy me a new lid - as the packaging itself was unbroken (and I didn't think to take a pic) UPS did not reimburse her. Luckily the machine works (but I did have to pay to get an ex-Bro engineer to fix something on the sinker plate that was bent and causing problems). Never again! The seller was using her son's account and turned out to be on the south coast not in London - I would not have bid otherwise. I work for a conveyor company so I know what most of these postal systems are like, you want to make the package really long or wide so that it has to be handled manually and can't go around the conveyor bends - it's not foolproof alas, and you cannot remove operator carelessness/error from the equation.