Tuesday, 30 November 2010

One Sleeve, One Front!!!

Well, ive already started knitting my first project on the 155 Chunky - i love it!!! And love that im using thicker yarns, which to me look more "modern" and in trend than finer yarns. Dont get me wrong i love my standard gauge machines, but somehow i feel the chunky will make thinks that i feel i can wear more.
Plus with it being winter now, i want to make warm thick wooly jumpers, and you just cant do that on the standard gauge machines.
I think for men, thicker yarns work better, so ive been making a slash neck pullover.

I got the pattern from a machine knitting book, but obviousy me being me ive altered it slightly and have added some fair isle on the sleeved - just a little bit to break the colour up.

Im using some lovely soft aran wool in a walnut colour, and have used cream as the contast for the fair isle. I think its knitting up fine, but i still will need to block it out ( i have a tendancy of knitting thinks and not blocking - ooops)

The front is the same as the back so for now ive done the front, and a sleeve.

Now just for the other two pieces, then to sew it together. Thinking of crocheting it together, what do you think?

Talk later


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