Monday, 13 December 2010

Hi everyone just wanted to let you know i have finally finished the hand knit cable zip up jacket - thank god!!!! I was getting fed up of it towards the end. Now i can finally get bac on my machines and get some knitting done.

Catch you later



  1. Wow, that’s a great hand knit jacket I wouldn't have the patience, although i love to hand knit as well as machine knit it just takes to long.
    I once did a sweater like that by hand with an intricate pattern but it took me ages to finish it but the results were well worth the effort.
    btw is this you because if it is you look different to your profile pic.

  2. Thanks alex ye it does get a bit boring sometimes but it was chunky knit so knit up pretty fast. I would never attempt to knit anything in DK or finer by hand - instant boredom!!!! Only baby clothes!!
    Yes this is me lol i probably look different - profile pic is older and i have different hair now. So what does your collection of machines consist of then?

  3. i have a bond classic, lk150, knitmaster 155

  4. Hi alex, did u not have a 321 too? Im sure my Grandma had a 321 or it may have been a 323. But saying that i think ive got all the ones my grandma had years ago, i just searched for them and bought them off ebay. So ive got a Knitmaster 4500 complete with ribmaster, Knitmaster 302, Knitmaster 700 with SRP60 ribber, Knitmaster 155, Knitmaster Instant and i used to have an old Swiss Knitter but sold that on. Im getting a bit of a collector, and i need to stop!!!! How long have you been into machine knitting? and how did you get into it?

  5. Hi, Well I’m not sure how old you are but I’m 16 and my knitting journey began with hand knitting and I was about 8 and my machine knitting journey began when I was about 11 so I haven’t been machine knitting for that long but I still pick up useful tips along the way. I don't know if you have ever heard of these things they were called a gr8 gear circular toy knitting machine that was my first machine and I got into machine knitting by youtube search my grandma taught me to hand knit.
    Funnily enough my first proper flatbed machine was a knitmaster 321, back in 2005 I got it off an old lady off my street that was down sizing to a flat and didn't have the room. She knew that I liked knitting so I bought off her for £25 plus a machine table (what a bargin) anyway I loved it and I stupidly sold it a few years later for a knitmaser 700 thinking it would of been better, I mean there is nothing wrong with the 700 but I thought it lacked in quality compared to the 321. What about you?

  6. Hi Alex, Wow you got into it very young then!! Well im 23 and started last october so ive only been machine knitting just over a year. Like you we were taught to knit very young by my mum, and then i never really knitted anything proper. However my mum started knitting something at the end of 2008 beginnin of 2009 and i thought il give it a try again! I had to basicly learn the grasp of it again and how to do other stitches like complex decreases etc but really got into the hand knitting again. When this was happening i got talking to my mum and i was asking about when she learnt to knit from my grandma, and it turns out grandma had taught her when she was little but my grandma never really knit by hand, she would always be on her machine!!! So that got me looking into it, and i found Susan's blog and videos and i just had to get a machine and see what it was like. And now im addicted, 5 machines down the line!!! Im also lucky that my aunty lent me her 700 on a permanent basis, and i bought myself my other machines. Me getting back into machine knitting has made my other aunt want to get back into it too - she was an avid machine knitter too, and even had a wool shop!!!