Saturday, 27 February 2010

Knitmaster 302

Hurray!!! My new knitting machine has arrived and i love it! I spent all of yesterday giving it a service, took all the needles out and soaked them in white spirit, cleaned and oiled them individually, cleaned the needle bed and carriage, and refurbished the sponge bar - its now like a brand new machine! Im really pleased how its cleaned up and looks really smart.

Going to have a bit more of a practise on it before i make something, and need to experiment with the pattern dials too.

All in all very pleased! Will post some photos soon.

Thats all for now


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Knitmaster 700 Navy Socks

Ive just made these blue socks on the KM700 with a cone of blue 4 ply i had. I think they turned out ok, but i think i will do the hem using the ribber next time rather than just doing a welt, as it feels a bit loose around the ankle - never mind!

They feel alright to wear though, nice and soft. Im posting early as we are off out to watch Ipswich play at Scunthorpe - come on Ipswich!

Thanks to Susan for the sock pattern. :0)

See you later


Monday, 22 February 2010

Fairisle Cushion Cover

This is something i made last week on the 700. It was really made by accident as i was messing about with the machine doing some test fairisle swatches and seemed to like this pattern - so, i randomly decided to make a cushion cover.

It literally took me 10 minutes to knit the front and 10 for the back, then Mum sewed it up on her sewing machine and voila - quite chuffed really, and everyone seems to like it!

Talk to you later


Sunday, 21 February 2010

New knitting machine!

Im very excited as ive just won an ebay auction for a knitting machine and i won! Its a vintage 1967 Knitmaster 302 E -ive always loved this machine the very first time i saw one - it just looks brill and apparently is real fun to play with as it uses pattern dials instead of a punch card facility. No more machines from now on though - some of my others are going to have to go in the attic!!!

The only machine i want now is a Knitmaster 155 chunky punchcard machine and ribber, but i think im going to have to save up for that one.

Cant wait for it to arrive!!!

Knitmaster 700

So, a while back i posted a comment saying how ide got my Knitmaster 700. Well ive been meaning to upload some photos - so here they are! Ive knitted a few things on it so far, but im still in need of some practice. Its set up in my mums study, she has her corner, where she has her sewing machine set up and i have my corner! My other two knitting machines are in boxes under the table - more on those later on.

The machine is about 24 years old - so its older than me!!!!! The ribber is an SRP-60 but i dont think it is my friend as it keeps being silly and not working properly! Im sure we will get on one day.

Thats all for now


Hand Knitted Jumper - Photo Update

Here are some photos i have taken of the hand knitted jumper. Two sleeves and the back! The back has a pattern that creates a textured tile effect, and the top is formed by working in moss stitch/seed stitch, whichever you want to call it. It looks huge but when put next to a jumper that fits it seems the right size.

Here are the sleeves. The pattern told me to knit in the tile pattern from the garter stitch hem to just over the elbow, but i decided to just stick to stocking stitch and just do a garter strip across the middle. I think it looks okay - i just thought it would be a bit over the top with more of the tile pattern.

Ive just started the front, so no doubt that will take me a few months - wish me luck!

Talk to you later


Saturday, 20 February 2010

Hand knitted jumper and general update

Well i havent done a blog entry in a while mainly because ive been busy settling into my new job, and also because ive been getting to grips with my new knitting machine.

Firstly ive managed to complete another sleeve of the jumper im hand knitting my partner - he seems to like it so thats good! That means now i have done the back and both sleeves. Ive cast on for the front but now just needs knitting! It will get done in the end.

Today im going to go out and buy some new rechargeable batteries for my camera, then i will be able to take some photos of the things ive been knitting so i can upload them to here.

Talk to you soon