Sunday, 21 February 2010

New knitting machine!

Im very excited as ive just won an ebay auction for a knitting machine and i won! Its a vintage 1967 Knitmaster 302 E -ive always loved this machine the very first time i saw one - it just looks brill and apparently is real fun to play with as it uses pattern dials instead of a punch card facility. No more machines from now on though - some of my others are going to have to go in the attic!!!

The only machine i want now is a Knitmaster 155 chunky punchcard machine and ribber, but i think im going to have to save up for that one.

Cant wait for it to arrive!!!


  1. Good for you, Phil. I loved using the 302, I was fascinated by how it could make the patterns using just the dials.

  2. Thanks Susan! I think im going to find it interesting! But the thing i like about it is the look! I love the black and white - looks really smart. A lot of the knitting machines you see on ebay look really old and are yellowy. Its like with my 700, a lot ive seen on ebay are yellow - im lucky mines been kept out of the sun and is still white.
    So when was the last time you set up your 302? Have you knitted many things on it. I know i read your post a few years back and you had made a curtain!!! WOW its amazing what things you can make!!!!