Sunday, 21 February 2010

Knitmaster 700

So, a while back i posted a comment saying how ide got my Knitmaster 700. Well ive been meaning to upload some photos - so here they are! Ive knitted a few things on it so far, but im still in need of some practice. Its set up in my mums study, she has her corner, where she has her sewing machine set up and i have my corner! My other two knitting machines are in boxes under the table - more on those later on.

The machine is about 24 years old - so its older than me!!!!! The ribber is an SRP-60 but i dont think it is my friend as it keeps being silly and not working properly! Im sure we will get on one day.

Thats all for now



  1. IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THE RUBBER, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE IT SET AT THE RIGHT ANGLE.I HAVE A 700/600 WITH A LACE carraige.It's a fantastic machine.I have been machine knitting since 1970,and Knitmaster are the most reliable I've been to a few people who were having problems with the rubber and it wasn't set up properly.Check everything before u start.

  2. I'm only seeing pics of ur machine ,the main bed of the machine looks as if it's lying flat,if u have the ribber clamps on instead of the knitting clamps,the knitting bed will tilt up.Attach the ribber bed at each end on to the table,the plastic lever on them should be up.when the 2 beds are together,put ur machine rulerin the space .it should not fall through.