Monday, 10 January 2011

Textured Vest

It was my birthday in November and one of the presents i was given was Erika Knight's book "Men's Knits: A new direction" It's only now i have come round to casting on for one of the projects. You may have remembered the fairisle slash neck jumper i did on the 155, well i wasnt particularly happy with how it turned out, plus i didnt have enough of the yarn to finish it off, so i decided to pull it all out.

I would have had to get more of the yarn to finish it off but i would have had loads of leftovers, which i didnt really want. So i am now knitting by hand a textured vest from the book, and will have enough to finish it off. Its fairly easy to do, so just doing a few rows now and then, but im not rushing it, because when i do i get annoyed, particularly as its by hand.

Ive been making a bolero on the 155 with some lovely teal and peacock blue DK yarn which is a wool and acrylic mix, so is nice to knit with and very soft. Just have the collar to do and the last ribbed band to put on. I also have another 2 cones of the same wool but in 2 other colours so i need to work out what i am going to knit those into.

Thats all for now.

Catch you later


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