Thursday, 25 November 2010

New Knitting Machine!

Oooops!!! Ive done it again! Bought another machine, however this time its one ive been after for quite some time now. Its a Knitmaster 155 Chunky Punchcard machine, and to be honest im pretty excited!!!!

My aunty had a chunky one, possibly a 155 and she loved it. Im hoping to be able to use up some of the thicker wools ive been collecting over the past few months, and also want to start converting some hand double knitting patterns onto the machine.

Apparently its in great condition and the toolbox is complete and all punchcards are present so im not complaining. When it arrives il still give it a good clean, take needles out, change spongebar etc.

Cant wait to get knitting on it.

Now all i need is the SR155 ribber for it!!!!!


  1. Vedo che anche la tua è una malattia per macchine maglieria ciaoooooooooo

  2. Will post pics as soon as it arrives Monique - cant wait!!!