Thursday, 3 February 2011

I made a sweater in 3 days!

I made a sweater in 3 days!!!!! That must be a record for me as i tend to knit the pieces one by one and then forget about them or get board and rip out what ive done and start something new.

I knitted it on the Knitmaster 302 using some very fine DK yarn i had. I was going to do it all in the brown colour but having done the back i wouldnt have had enough so did some striping on the front and did more blue on the sleeves.

I think it turned out ok although i wish i had done it V neck instead of round - but you learn from your mistakes!!!

I took the time to do my raglan seams really neatly so I got a professional finish - im very pleased with it, what do you think?

Bye for now



  1. Thanks Susan. Was lovely to get the 302 out again - beautiful machine! Going to get the 155 out again now, ive bought an intarsia carriage for it so want to try some intarsia!