Monday, 21 February 2011

Knitmaster SR155 Ribber - at last!!!!

Just posting a pic of new ribber and a little test swatch i did this evening. It was waiting for me when i got home from work today. It certainly needed a clean, and i replaced the sponge bar as it was non existant however i was thinking that it would be a plastic bar like my SRP60 ribber but no its a sponge one - does anyone know if you can use a plastic one in the SR155 though?

The only glitch on the ribber is on the carriage itelf. The plastic on the front is peeling on the left, so im thinking im gona wack some extra extra strong glue behind and try and stick it down - its the only option.

So, just got to think of what im going to use with it. Woudnt mind doing a ribbed cardi or something, or maybe something with a hood Who knows? We'll see!!!

Catch you all later! Happy knitting.


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