Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Knitmaster SR155 Ribber

I am hyper now ive just won an auction for a Knitmaster SR155 ribber, so im very excited!!!!

I can now do away with boring latched ribs!!!!!!


Will post photos when it arrives

Talk to you later



  1. Congratulations! You won't rest now until it arrives, will you?

  2. Ever since I started using my bulky ribber I've been in heaven with what I can produce. You're going to love it!

  3. Thanks Susan - no!!!!!! Im too excited, cant wait for it to arrive. Allthough i will say that your new video inspired me to set up my 700 and ive managed to get the ribber working, so thats a start. I need a whole room dedicated to machines, somehow i dont think my mum would allow it!!!
    Thanks Lynne, ive been after one since i got the machine but they hardly ever come available (a bit like the blasted 302 ribber) Cant wait to get knitting some nice thinks with it as i have'nt got the patience for latch ribbing.

  4. so it was you lol i had been watching it for 6 days lol oh well they will be another. hope you enjoy it

  5. Hi Alex lol yeah was me. I got really wound up the other day was latch ribbing on it and got so frustrated and wasted so much time. I had seen it last week and then the other day i told myself o what the heck i dont care how much i have to bid im fed up of waiting. Cant believe it cost me more than the machine itself though!!!

  6. I just got a Singer 155 without ribber. I didn't want to wait for a pair to come for sale together. I really like my Singer 327 (Standard gauge) with ribber though, so I hope I can get one for the 155 soon. I hate latching ribbing, although it's definately better to do on the 155 than on even the mid-gauge and I won't even consider doing it for the standard gauge!