Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Swung and Tucked Ribs

Just thought I would upload some photos of some swung ribs I have been trying out. I have never done these before but was amazed how easy they are to do. I cant imagine making a garment in them as its too tedious, but i thought little squares done in different colours would make a nice blanket all sewn up?

Swung English Rib

Swung Rib pattern

Swung Tuck Rib

Swung Rib Pattern

Variation Swing

Herringbone Swing

Swung Rib with racking variation

These were fun to knit up, and I am glad I have tried them out.

That's all for now



  1. That's cool Phil I have tried a couple of those before when I had my ribber for the 700, they were really fun to knit up, I just had trouble remembering which way to turn the racking handle lol.

  2. It's amazing what these machines can do eh? Good job on the swatches.

  3. Phil!

    Awesome samples. I do the same here trying out the different ribbing techniques. I started doing so to get over my "avoiding" racking. Boy how quickly I got over that.

    They make nice scarves or panel afghans or even a panel in a sweater or vest!

    As one of my followers says,"knit on!"

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. I can imagine making lots of these in different colours and making a big blanket or similar.

  5. Phil,

    Email me and I will send you the hat pattern.