Thursday, 27 October 2011

Well at least it works!!

Well, I managed to come up with a temporary idea to attach the ribber to the main bed of the 302 - zip ties! They have done the job and the ribber works so im not complaining. I know i should really have the screws but i will just have to make do and try and keep my eye out for some and hopefully will be able to get them one day.

Here is a photo of the machine set up with the ribber...

I had a go at circular knitting, worked fined! Then i transferred over to the main bed and knit a few rows stocking stitch then transferred for a K1P1 rib, although i did drop a stitch in the process - oops! Anyway had a go at the rib and it came out fine.

What do you think? As long as it does 1 x 1 rib and 2 x 2 rib I am not bothered. All i want the ribber for is to do cuffs and welts, and Im not planning on doing any ribbed garments with it. If i do I will use the 700 to do that.

Thats all for now



  1. Ingenious idea Phil. Looks like it's working just fine.

  2. The one thing I found with my 302 (and also the 4500) was remembering which carriage to move first, the knitter or the ribber. One lapse in concentration and it all went wrong.
    Good idea to use the zip ties - sometimes you just have to bodge things as best as you can and if it works, then why not?

  3. Zip ties I would of never thought lol very good idea, I had a knitmaster 4500 and ribmaster years ago that my neighbour found in her loft and gave it me, I had that trouble remembering which carriage to move first lol.

  4. Thanks guys. Im happy that it works. Like Susan says i suppose you have to bodge somethings in life, this may be one of them! I had no problems when making the ribs, no jamming etc, so very pleased.

  5. Well, what I love about it is how improvisational you are!
    Very savvy!

  6. Just thought I'd say Hi as I've just started following your blog. I found it while trying to find out about the 302 as I was looking at one on eBay, I'm picking it up on friday :D Does it work with any other ribbers than the 302 and 305?