Saturday, 22 October 2011

Finally a 302 Ribber!

At last I have managed to acquire a 302 ribber! It has come with another 302 machine, but thats fine. I can use the needles for spare, plus theres a few accessories that my other 302 was missing so they are now complete.

It will need a service to get it working, sponge bar etc but thats fine. Cant wait to use it!


  1. well done Phil! I hope I can own a ribber for my knitmster 155 one day, by the way you could sell the other 302 and earn some money back, just an idea.
    happy knitting


  2. Yeah had thought of that, but may just keep it for spare needles etc. Dont think I would get much for the other machine as its not complete, and i had to print my own copy of the pattern cards off lol

  3. Great to get a ribber for any machine. What is a 302? Is it a standard machine? Will you post pictures when it's all set up please? I love learning about all the different machines.

  4. Hi Maureen, yes its a Knitmaster standard gauge machine from the 1960s. The ribber's are very rare, if you ask me rarer than the 155 ribber, so have been looking out for one for ages. It uses dials for patterning rather than a punchcard, but is a lovely machine to use - probably my favourite.

    Susan has done a few videos using the 302. Heres a link to 2 colour patterning, you have probably already seen it though.