Thursday, 27 October 2011

Knitmaster 302 Ribber - At long last!

Yesterday, the 302 ribber arrived! Well, its actually a 305 ribber, but it will fit on the 302, i think the onl difference is the Knitmaster badge on the front, which is red on the 305 ribber. Everything is there, including lots of old fashioned weights, and all the instruction books. There is even the weaving attachment which i have been after for a while.

The only thing missing is the blasted screws to attach it to the machine - typical! I wont let this beat me though, im sure i can invent something to hold the ribber onto the machine. Just need to think!

I hope to get to try it out soon, having re-vamped the sponge bar!


  1. Well done at finding the ribber for it, even if it is slightly different, a shame the screws are missing, could you not just pop down to B&Q and find some screws just like the origional? just a thought.

  2. My Dad had a look to see if we had any in the garage. He found about 6, and 2 kind of fit, but the thread is different so they dont really work properly. Its so annoying lol