Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Baby hooded jacket on LK 150

Well, here is my first project knitted on the LK150 - its a baby hoody knitted in James C Brett Magi Knit, for my friends soon to be born grandaughter. Its a self patterning yarn - I love it!

I really enjoyed making this and it knitted up so quick on the 150. I even went to the trouble of making a nice pom pom for the hood and a cord for around the hood.

Hope you like it



  1. Looks beautiful Phil well done, I love that little pom pom on top that just gives it that little finishing touch well done, I hope to have my jumper finished soon.

  2. Thanks Alex, yeah really pleased how it turned out. I knitted all the pieces in an evening and sewed it up last night! Quick! The pom pom is cute! I showed it my friend tonight whose grandaughter its for and she cried lol

  3. lol I am sure she will adore it Phil, I always think that garments knit up so fast on the LK150

  4. It's so darned cute Phil. Love it, great job and one a different machine too.

  5. I love to see things made on the LK-150! I have that machine also, and it truly is a workhorse.