Wednesday, 28 September 2011

My "New" Option 4/LK-150

Well, it's arrived! My new to me LK150. I got it out and oh my, its like brand new! Perfectly white, all tools, all combs, manual looked un-creased - it's perfect! It could almost pass as a brand new Silver Reed.

All I had to do was replace the sponge, that had gone, but apart from that it looks like it has not been used much lately. I gave it a wipe to clean it of a bit of dust and fluff, but its a beautiful machine.

I have already seen some patterns to make on it, so raring to get going, although need to choose some yarn.

I will leave you with some photos.

Bye for now



  1. Thanks for posting pictures. It is in great condition, Congrats on a great buy! How many stitches does it have? Would a mid gauge knit double knitting wool easily?

    Looking forward to seeing what you knit on it.

  2. Hi Maureen - yes isnt it lovely! Its got 150 needles in total. Double knitting works perfect on it, just done a swatch. I've bought this machine to replace my HK160 as to me its not a true mid gauge as its only 6mm whereas this machine is 6.5mm. Knitting DK on the HK160 i had to used tension dial 8-9, bearing in mind there is only upto 10 on the tension dial. On the LK150 i used tension sial 4! So theres much more play in it. Thanks for the comment :-)

  3. I'm jealous, Phil. I'm watching for one of these, not because I need another mid-gauge, but to get on the same page with my readers. It's gorgeous, really wonderful condition.

  4. That looks like what mine looked like when I took it out of the box brandnew, it barly looks used at all.
    I am sure you will adore this machine because like you say it is a true mid gauge and these machines are just such fun to knit on despite the manual patterning.
    I can't wait to see what you knit on this machine, you know you have inspired me to set mine up and knit on it, I havn't made a garment on it for at least 12 months, haha
    Happy knitting.


  5. You will love your 150! I got a new one about 2 months ago and it is a real workhorse. It knits worsted perfectly. I just made over 30 hats for charity on mine and it knocked them out in a hurry. If you come up with a way to make a border for flat pieces, to keep them from curling, please post it. Thanks, Barb

    1. Hi - Marge Coe has a single bed scarf pattern on her blog spot - with hand manipulated stitches and an edge that doesn't curl. Here's the link - and it's below her pics of her (twin masted) LK 150

      Terri :-)

  6. I really like the table you have your 150 on. Did you make it? Legs fold down? Thanks B.

  7. Thank you everyone. It is a lovely machine Diana, i much prefer it to my HK-160, much smoother. Keep your eye out for them, they are good little machines. Thank you The Sewing Loft - do you have a name ?:-) No I didnt make the table its just a standard knitting machine table that came with my SK700 machine. And yes it folds down, but I babrely use it because I have a worktop set up in my knitting room that i use mainly.

  8. Score! Looks great, Phil. Look forward to seeing anything, including swatches, produced on it.

    ~Lorraine in California

  9. Hi there,

    wow, so many knitting machines :)!
    I caught the fever in spring this year and have managed to gather 6 machines and 3 ribbers by now (although 2 of each will need to be made into something that works first).
    I'm always so excited to find other people that love these machines and therefore was wondering whether you'd be interested in exchanging experience and tips with knitting machines. It'd be fab! :)