Monday, 19 September 2011

LC2 Lace

Having watched Susan's new video using her LC2 lace carriage to knit standard lace and fashion lace, I felt inspired to give it a go. I dont normally use the LC2 as I never really make anything using lace, but it does give some nice effects.

I started with the standard lace and it seemed to go well, but did have the odd stitch that went onto the sinker post, but only on the left of the work.

Here it is:

I then tried a bit of the fashion lace as this is quite tedious. I cant imagine wanting to knit a whole garment in fashion lace as it take an age to do. I suppose it would be nice to make a shawl or scarf or similar.

That is all for now. Tonight I want to get knitting the front to my jumper on the Bond.

Talk to you later


PS Thanks to Susan for the inspiration.


  1. The other thing about the fashion lace is that if you stop concentrating and forget to put the yarn back in the feeder to do the knit rows, the knitting will just come off the needles.
    It does make nice patterns though.

  2. I nearly had that happen before Susan, I put the yarn back in the feeder, then started to move the carriage across with out moving the cam back to 0. I would have said a few swear words if I hadnt of remembered!

  3. The lace is certainly nice. I'm brainstorming things a guy might make with lace. Fishing net? Hammock? Present for sister?

  4. I like it too Diana. I agree with you though, the only thing I can imagine knitting with it is something for my friends or sister. I do think the lace looks much nicer in a fine yarn though. I used two strands of industrial yarn here, but if I made a garment I probably would not use a 4 ply. I think the finer the yarn the nicer the lace effect. :-)

  5. What about only having part of the front of a sweater in some lace, makes for a different fabric. Glad that your getting to use your lace carriage, I need to do more with that myself when I get my studio standard back out. I can have a couple machines set up and that is not one of them at this time. Godspeed Berda

  6. Thanks for the suggestion Berda, I may have a think about that. Would I have to knit a section in the middle of a front say, using the single motif method?

  7. As a lace nut, I often do small sections of sweaters with lace. Most garments aren't very practical with too much lace. I have run it down the front in one repeat, down one side, on sleeves only, on the yoke area only, on bottom border only, at bottom of sleeves only, in a V around a V neck, and on the collar only...

  8. That is a very nice sample Phil :) I love the effect the fashion lace gives I think it does fully fashioned decreases in the middle of the row as it is transfering hence the name fashion lace. but beautiful lace and the colour too.