Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Update and first Bond sweater!

Hey everyone, I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while, Ive had other stuff going on and just haven't got round to it.

First of all here are some photos of the blue vest i made weeks ago...

It turned out ok and on the whole I'm pleased with it. Just slightly disappointed with the front bands as they have pulled the fronts up together abit. I suppose this is quite a common problem people have with front bands, and it didn't really help that the yarn was not really the best to work with - it was quite stiff to knit up on the machine and that's why i chose to do it on the mid-gauge machine.

In other news I am now the owner of a Bond/USM machine. At last I finally decided I wanted a go with one, and I have to say I'm impressed. It knits up lovely - quite different to the SK155, and gives a lovely hand knit quality to the fabric. Just got the keep an eye out for an extension as I feel you are quite limited with just the 100 needles. I've got people asking me to make them cardis already on it (Hello Aunty Margaret!!) Anyway I've started making this sweater:

It's knitted in James C Brett Rustic Aran Tweed in shade DAT15, a nice burnt orange colour. Ive knitted all the pieces and sewn it all together apart from the side and arm seams. Just finished the collar tonight.

I love mattress stitching raglan seams - look how neat they are!

That's all for now. Will post a pic of the finished sweater soon. I have already planned my next project - to be knitted in grey aran on the Bond. A saddle shoulder sweater with cables on the sleeves going up and over the the saddle flap. I think it will turn out really well.

Catch you all later



  1. very nice sweaters, your right about the mattress stitch on raglans they luck wonderful don't they :)

  2. Had to google mattress stitch and found a YouTube video demonstrating it. Great way to sew together and do it from the front of the work too so you can see as you go. Plus you can't see the seam. darn, I wish I had seen this before I knitted up the blue sweater. Oh well, I'll be ready for next time. I am so enjoying reading all the blogs and finding out these things. Great vest and sweater Phil. I would like to get as bulky machine sometime. Will wait for a bargain to show up.