Wednesday, 7 September 2011


There was me thinking I had almost finished the sweater - NOT! It was slightly too short so below are some pics showing how i modified it. I practically cut it in two, re-hung the stitches and knitted some more mores, then grafted it back to the other piece.

It was hard work and took a whole evening but well worth it, I certainly wasnt re-knitting the whole thing.

Here are some pics showing what I did:

It doesnt look that noticeable and after I steamed it with my hand steamer the stitches set and the seam is totally invisible now!

Im very proud of myself for doing it and it not going wrong!

Talk to you all later



  1. very nice work phil but shorely it would of been quicker to re knit it lol probably not, I hate when things like that happen when you have almost done and there is an obstical in the way, grrrr it can be very frustrating but patience is a virtue I suppose.

  2. That is so clever. Did you do the mattress stitch to join it?

  3. I wouldn't have had the patience to do that, I'd have re-knit it. If I'd tried to graft it you would definitely have seen the join.
    You did a good job there, Phil.

  4. Thanks for comments everyone. Alex, it would have taken much longer to re-knit as i would have had to take the collar off, the sleeves off, and then that would have involved having to do the raglan seams again. Its actually fairly straight forward when you get into the swing of it. Hi Maureen - no its not mattress stitch, thats only used for seaming. Grafting I suppose is more like Kitchener stitch, you are literally sewing in a row of normal knitting to join the pieces together. I believe its also the same as swiss darning or duplicate stitch. I didnt think I would have the patience for it Susan, but i made myself do it, and Im glad i did. It wasnt that difficult and I felt very plased with myself afterwards :-)

  5. Great job Phil and a great lesson for us all when we need to fix a project.

  6. What a great fix!! And your photos show such wonderful detail. Thanks for sharing this very cleverly done graft. You can really accomplish a lot when you make it up as you go along. This worked out beautifully.

  7. You are so brave cutting your knitting! Just the thought of having to do that would make me sweat and I've been knitting for 27 years! It's beautifully grafted.
    Happy Knitting!

  8. Thak you for the comments everybody :-)