Sunday, 8 April 2012

Another new machine - oooops AGAIN!!!

First of all I have to say sorry for a huge lack of posts - I have been so busy lately with other things and have just not got round to it.

Just posting an update and letting you all know of my recent purchase - a Brother KH 965i complete with 850 ribber, single and double bed colour changers, knit leader, floppy drive and PPD cartridge. I bought it all from an old lady who was giving up machine knitting due to age. All was bought brand new by her and the machine is in brilliant condition. Luckily she only lived up the road so was able to go and see it beforehand and bring it home.

I sold my Knitmaster 155 machine and ribber and decided to put the money from that towards this new machine. I had been thinking for a while about getting rid of the chunky - I never use it and it just sat there under my desk doing nothing. Plus I dont really like knitting with chunky yarns anymore - I think they suit kids more rather than adults. If I do want to knit with chunky I have the LK150 or the Bond. People dont really wear big chunky jumpers anymore as many have central heating these days; whatsmore I prefer the bigger range of finer quality yarns available for standard gauge machines like those from Yeoman, which I am finding I am using lots of these days.

I just tried my garter carriage on the 965i and thank god it works!

Hope to post more soon



  1. Nice buy Phil. I haven't posted in forever either. Been too busy to even knit. I did finish the last of the scarves in February but haven't done anything since. I really need to get back to it. Looking forward to hearing about how your new machine works and seeing what you knit on it.

  2. Yeah! A new machine, with all the bells and whistles!!! Have fun with it! :-)

  3. The 965i is a great machine. It isn't really hard to master either. I think that you will be in knitting Heaven with this machine

  4. WOW Phil you have been busy, I saw all those dresses on facebook, they were beautiful!
    Nice to see you have the 965i I would like to get that machine eventually, or maybe a 970 but that is when I can afford too because I know they electronic machines can be quite pricey but I suppose when you consider it's capability's compared to a punchcard it is worth it, nice to see a new post.

    Happy knitting,

  5. How exciting! I bought this machine a few years ago too with a ribber, though I haven't got around to figuring it out yet! Looking forward to seeing what you make with it :)

  6. You have purchased a beautiful machine. I have had one the same since 1986 and I recently purchased a KG95 Garter Carriage and am having a fabulous time with it.
    Phyl (Australia)

  7. Hey congratulations Phil! Once you use the electronic machine you will be in love with it. Happy knitting and look forward to seeing your first project.

  8. Thanks for the comments everyone :-)

  9. Hi Phil, love the Evolution pattern that you have knitted. I am still trying to fathom it out. Had two attempts at it. I am going to try the classic version instead just to get the hang of it. Can you tell me what error and where it is on the pattern please, as I think that something is wrong, and I have been unable to work it out as yet. Also do you think that Iris should be made aware of it? Hope to hear from you soon so that I can re-start (for the third time) again. Best wishes Val Poole