Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I love my new Garter Carriage!

Ive finally decided to take the plunge and buy a garter carriage for my Brother machine, not only so I can do some nice fancy garter patterns, but also so I can cast off quicker!!!! The other day I had to cast off the whole needle bed width and it took forever! With this monster it will get it done much quicker than me. Im really chuffed with it. It casts on, knits ribs and garter patterns.

Cant wait to get making some garments with it!



  1. Phil, you are going to LOVE it! I just posted on my blog about my second garter carriage I just received yesterday. The possibilities are endless now for you!

    Also, saw your letter in MKM, I am a knitting buddy there. They are going to publish my bit about casting on.

    Knit happy!

  2. Thanks Tom. Im loving it, although I am so scared about doing something wrong with it. It was very expensive to me (It cost more than the machine its working on!!!)) AAAAAAAaaaah!
    I love how it does the casting on, rib, patterns and casting off. Cant wait to make myself a sweater on it. I know it will take a while as its slow but I have heard its well worth the wait. Glad you saw my letter - I went into Metropolitan last week (They always have adverts in the mag) and they noticed my letter too. Glad you are getting something published. Will look forward to reading it!

  3. From a lot of satisfaction you'll love talented

  4. Phil - from my experience, the only thing I have ever checked on with the GC is the end needles; make sure the ends have proper weight. GC's do not like a lot of weight and ensure your gate pegs and needles are in perfect alignment prior to using it. Also, do not lube up your GC, it is not fond of it. Best to keep your KM lubed as normal and all will be fine.

    Now to get you on an electronic machine, you would love it!

    How was Metropolitan? I see their ad's and website but, would love to rummage through the shop itself. Not possible being nearly 6,000 miles away!

  5. Metropolitan was great Tom so if you ever fancy a holiday over in the UK make sure you base yourself round this end! It was fantastic! I really enjoyed looking round the machine museum and seeing all the old machines, one of which my mum pointed out was one that my grandma used to use.
    There was too much yarn! One room was full of non repeatables and at bargain prices (obviously I brought some home)Amazing!

  6. Hi Phil wowww I have been away for a while!! I need to catch up, I have been off knitting for a month or two now but hope to get back into it, I think when I got my ribber I over it and lacked on inspiration, I am starting to get inspired again so hopefully you will see some posts soon :)

  7. Just found your blog via a whole other series of "surfing" - I love that! I've recently got a KH-836 too and was told it wouldn't take a garter carriage. Clearly it will tho' What model is the GC you have and does it work (last part a daft question I expect!) Are you still loving it 3 months later? I'm mostly a handknitter but am excited by the prospect of knitting thinner yarns that I couldn't be bothered to do by hand.

  8. Phil or Tom, pulling my hair out,i am having a few problems with my GC95 all i want to learn is how to make a 1x1rib
    i can do the automatic cast on (row1) then (row2)
    Its does not want to make a RIB.
    I have a kh965 at which stage do i put the pattern in ?

    i think its operator (irish maggies fault ( thats me ) Help! lol

    regards maggie

  9. you can send me an email if it makes it easier

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  11. Hi, my g carriage 89 dors a great job, EXCEPT for casting off. It then drops stitches! Any idea what I do wrong? Tips appreciated as I cannot figure it out. Thanks!