Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Well here goes for my first blog entry!

So, I have set up my Knitmaster 700k now after a long time cleaning and oiling it. I cheked the sponge bar, and of course it needs replacing. I have ordered a new one from BSK and hopefully that should arrive within the next few days.
I have had the SRP-60 ribber out and given that a clean too. I tried to attach it to the knitting machine but realised that the auxillary brackets are missing from the machine. Got back in touch with BSK and luckily they have them in stock so will be ringing up in the morning to order those; then i can get the ribber attached. Granted, i wont be using the ribber for a while as i want to get to grips with the knitting machine itself first, then i will have a go with the ribber.
I have packed away the Swiss machine as we just arn't getting along! I do everything it says in the instructions but it always keeps dropping stitches. Maybe i will get it out again in a few weeks and give it another go. Ive also packed away my trusty Knitmaster Instant machine as i was getting short of space, and what with setting up the 700 it needed to go away for a while. Ive made a few things on it so far, including a shrug and a scarf, but im sure i will be getting it out again soon for another go.
I have been through all these patterns, books and clippings given to me by my aunt. The box she gave me also contained loads of things from my Grandma's knitting collection, including some paterns and bloomin loads of punch cards. Im telling you, my Grandma was obsessed with punch cards! There are hundreds of them, and some really nice ones too.
I got the Knitmaster LC2 lace carriage out of the box today to give a clean. I cant get the sinker plate off at the moment so will try again soon, but anyhow it had a clean and got put back in its box until i feel confident enough to have a go at some lace.
Did some more of my hand knitted jumper that im knitting for my partner. I think he will like it. Its in brown DK and is a textured tilework pattern. Ive done the back, one sleeve, and am currently on the 2nd sleeve. He seems impressed with it anyway!

Thats all for this post but will be posting again soon.

Talk to you soon


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