Monday, 25 October 2010

Where have i been?

Well, I thought it best to do an update on here seeing as i havent done one in such a long time - sorry!!

Im still knitting, and of course have several things on the go - when do i not?

Ive been making the odd thing on the machines now and then like a black v neck sweater, 2 boleros for my sister, gloves, scarves, jacket for my friend...... list goes on!!!

Ive really got back into doing some hand knitting too, and have made 2 baby jackets - one of which was cabled and took me forever but got it done in the end even if i had to redo the hood twice!
Ive made a hand knit rib textured sweater, and currently have an aran cabled knit zip through jacket on the needles as i speak.

Ive started knitting a grey 4ply cardigan on the Knitmaster 700, allthough i wanted this to be a tucked stitch cardi its ended up being just a reverse stocking stitch one. I tried doing it in the tuck stitch using punchcard number 1 from the basic Knitmaster set but its just not working right - even thought i have done the tension gauge and everything. The 700 does this to me sometimes - likes to mess me around, and dont even get me started on its ribber!!!! Talk about temperamental! One day it likes to work next it doesnt at all! Then i end up putting it all away and reverting to old faithful - KM302!!!! God i love that machine - never lets me down!

Anyway il hopefully be trying to get some pics on here of what ive been doing but for now - happy knitting guys!!!!

Catch you later


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