Sunday, 6 March 2011

Knitmaster HK-160

Well, i dont really know what to say. Ive been naughty and bought another machine! Oooops but i have told myself thats got to be the last! (Apart from the 302 Ribber of course)

Ive always wanted one though, as i tend to use lots of double knitting thickness wool, and even though i can knit it on the chunky, because the gauge is different, im only limited to the 110 needles on the 155 which isnt enough for making anything my size at the gauge required for the DK. Also DK doesnt work on the standard in my opinion. It either jams in the carriage, or knits a very uncomfortable stiff fabric - too tight!!

So ive invested in the HK-160 6mm machine with punchcard facility. Its going to be nice getting to know a machine a bit different to usual Knitmasters. Im intriqued at there being no sponge bar in the needle bed though - i suppose a blessing really. One less thing to check.

Im going to pick it up one night this week as the seller only lives fairly close. I will obviously be uploading some pics when it arrives home.

Catch you later



  1. Yes, I've found once one starts machine knitting the machines start to collect. I've only bought 3, but I now have 8. Ok Ok let me explain. My 2 main machines bulky Toyota KS650 and standard Studio 700 both set up with ribbers. Then I got 2 more machines exactly the same no ribber for traveling to my guild meetings and classes. Then I was given 2 machines for my "teenager evil machine knitting plan." I bought and old electronic machine, but can't get it to work. It a great standard machine without the patterning. Haven't decided if it's operator error or not. THEN Christmas someone called me and asked if I wanted a Brother machine with garter carriage. I couldn't say no!

    Now I'm beginning to think a few of these need to go to another home. Haven't decided which yet. :)

  2. I don't think the hk160 has a sponge bar if it it similar to the mk70 it will have little flaps that open and close to let the needles come out and these would be what put the preasure on the needles acting as a sponge bar.

  3. Thanks Lynne - im ok with collecting them, its quite fun. Its just where to store them when im not using them as i only have room to have one machine set up. I think a machine room!!!! I have thought about getting an electric one, although im unsure. Alex - yeah i think its the same with the flaps. Will let you know what its like when i get it and if i would recommned it. Hows your knitting going? What projects you got on the go?

  4. How exciting? Sounds great. I have 2 Brothers - one standard electronic and 1 punchcard Chunky which does DK. DK seems to be a more popular wool nowadays and 4 ply on the cone is hard to buy in your local woolshop

  5. Hi Phil... do you still have your HK160? Did you find it knits DK as easily as you hoped? I'm looking out for one at present because I am finding that my older vintage Knitmaster 250 (5mm gauge) struggles a bit with certain DK yarns - despite the tension dial being set to the maximum 14 on that machine.