Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Correspondence Course

Thought i best take some time to update my blog as i have not done so in a while. First of all i will let you know about the jacket. I have now changed my mind and its not going to be reversible - its just going to be too much and il get bored easily with it - anyway ive knitted all of the first pattern pieces and theyve gone together well and look fantastic, so i dont want to ruin it. I just have the other sleeve to sew on then do the side and sleeve seems. Im going to put a zip in rather than buttons as the fronts have knit up quite big and dont really want any buttonbands on to make it any bigger. I think its going to look great!

In other news, i have decided to take a Correspondence Machine Knitting course. I thought it would be a great way to learn some techniques that i have been avoiding, and also to have something to show for all the hard work i spend on my machines. Im looking forward to it and am hoping it will be a challenge for me.

Will keep you updated on that.

Thats all for now



  1. Where did you find the MK correspondence course? Thanks!

  2. Hi Lynne its a company called Metropolitan Knitting based in the UK but overseas candidates can do the course too. Here is the link http://www.metropolitanmachineknitting.co.uk/courses.htm

  3. How did you like the course? Ivam considering it now, though I usuallt do better with videos.

    Thanks for any input.