Sunday, 3 February 2013

Im back!

Im back everyone! Sorry ive not posted. Sometimes it gets hard to remember to post when you have so many things on the go. I have been very busy with knitting for family and friends and not got round to knitting projects I have put in my list of things to do. Currently I am just finishing knitting a cardigan for my sister, knitted in Panama (Seal)

I came across a really talented machine knitter the other day... Helen Fox... here is her blog

I found Helen on flickr though and thought her projects were fantastic. She had made the above cardigan in Yeomans Cannele (Ruby) and I thought it was lovely. I contacted Helen to ask where she got the pattern and I have managed to get a copy. I have tonight swatched a tension square in Cannele (Linen) and cant wait to get started... however i have told myself not to start it until other projects are finished.

Oh and PS I have some hand knitting on the go too....aaaaaargh!!!



  1. I have a hague linker of my aunts that I want to sell. She has had it a while from new but not used it. I think she had problems setting it up as the ring is locked and the gears appear to be out of sequence so the looper will not move. I am based in the Midlands but hope to travel a bit further north in couple of weeks for the weekend. I would like a reasonable price for it as it is as new. Do you know if anyone is interested in doing a deal with me. I also have a stand for it and a box full of machine knitting instruction videos as well. My email is

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