Sunday, 3 July 2011

Necklines and neckbands

Just thought ide post a photo of the lesson ive just finished on my course. As you can see the lesson was on necklines and neckbands. The first 4 were easy enough to do, the last one was a nightmare, it took me about 4 goes to get it right!

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  1. Please share more about this correspondence course please.

  2. Hi Lorrwill the course i am doing is with Metropolitan Machine Knitting (
    They offer different courses as per machine you have but you can also do a course using a ribber if you want. The great thing with these course is they offer them to overseas students so anybody can do them. I have found the course really interesting and it has made me learn new techniques that i can use in my knitting. Thank you for your comment. Phil

  3. Very interesting, Phil.
    Thanks for sharing