Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Next project!

Hello everyone just thought i would do a post to show you the bargain find of the day. Its 10 balls of 50g Katia Linen 4 ply in a light blue colour. Thought i would make myself a scoop neck pullover, maybe oversized but not sure yet, as there is only 500g.

Ive knitted a little of it on the Knitmaster 700 and even though it looked ok at tension 9 (even though its 4 ply I had to knit at tension 9 because its linen and is harder for the machine to knit) i think i am going to use it with my mid gauge HK-160 machine. I think this will not only be easier to knit on the mid gauge, but will give it more of a hand knit look, which i like in knitting.

I will be putting the 700 to bed shortly anyway as i have only one more sample (my final sample) to knit for my correspondence course. After knitting this pullover I am planning on getting my 155 set up before starting the second correspondence course using the chunky machine and the SR-155 ribber.

I will post some photos soon to show how i am doing with the linen pullover.

Bye for now


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