Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I need help... DOUBLE JACQUARD!!!!

I think I really need some help from someone who has done double jacquard on a Brother machine before - Im trying but its just not working. I need help especially using an electronic Brother. I follow the instructions but it either just makes stripes on the right side, or it drops certain stitches across rows, or it just FALLS OF THE MACHINE!!!!


Help me someone! Ive looked on YouTube but the only one is Susans video on the Knitmaster 321. The Brothers are obviously a bit different. So anyone who makes videos for you tube - a good idea would be how to do double bed jacquard!!!

I hope I get to try it out soon, it looks great!


  1. Oh Phil... I'm afraid you will just have to collect another knitting machine! If you like double jacquard, you NEED a Passap! ;-)

  2. I know haha Im looking into getting one ASAP!!!! Seriously want a Passap right now!!!! They are hard to come across though. Plus I want the Duo 80 first then if I get along with it I may move up to the E6000!! :-)

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  4. With the carriage to the right place the number card Cart KC KRC enter key on the computer from the carriage to the left and the two part post on the cart by changing the color every 2 turns when you're always on the left
    I have not found Your mail to send photos if you want to contact me Hello Vanda


    See if you can understand something more I can not with videos

  6. Hi Phil,

    having tried never before myself, only translating from this page:

    Cast on using all needles on both beds

    Carriage is on the left hand side

    choose pattern

    stop display

    switch off colour changer

    carriage to KC II

    one row to the right

    display knit

    switch on colour changer

    press both part buttons on the main carriage

    both part levers to PR on the other carriage

    Both KR-buttons and the lever below the ribber carriage to the middle position

    Hope that helps!

  7. The keys of the second needle bed they must leave all work

  8. Thank you Vanda for your effort in trying to describe to me, although I think you may have used Google Translator so it does not really make sense unfortunately.

    Hi Ben! Another guy machine knitter I see? Great!!! Thanks for your input - I am going to give it another go this weekend, it must be much easier than I think it is. I just need someone to show me - you know what its like!

  9. Yes Phil, I do, I do, I do :-) But I don't own an electronic machine.

    Regarding the stripes you've had earlier: I've just done a quick search in a German machine knitting forum for that issue. One said that they hadn't set the carriage to KCII, but to KCI instead. Another one said they had done their first row in the wrong direction (it should be done to the right) after setting to KCII.


  10. Hi Ben - Ive only just got this electronic machine so still really only getting used to the electronics. Im used to punchcard machines and Knitmaster at that. Its only recently that I have bought a Brother punchcard machine. What machine(s) do you have? Do you have a blog?

    1. Hi Phil,
      yes I'm a punchcard boy as well :-)
      I've got a KH830 with KR830 ribber and KH860 with KR850 ribber and a KG88 garter carriage. Using only the latter one.
      Had a thought about the electronic ones, however they're really unaffordable in Germany and I didn't want to spend 1K for a 20 year old electronic that is quite likely to break soon and I won't be able to fix. And I've really got the issue that I don't know where to let all the machines, so can't buy any more :-)
      No blog until now, I shall think about that!

    2. Cool I have the 836 - lovely machine. You should get a blog so we can see what you knit!

  11. Phil!

    It is fairly simple (once you get used to it) and have done this many times on my electronic machines.

    Are you using a stitchworld pattern? You can also use all of the fairisle, single motif and multi-color fairisle patterns built in to the KM computer!

    1 - Set up your KM and ribber and the color changer, thread yarns. PRESS in the KRC key on the control panel.
    2 - Set-up and cast on for FNR and knit your base rows.
    3 - Slide the carriages outside the left hand turn mark.
    4 - Program in your pattern (or select the one you have in the KM).
    5 - KM carriage knob to KC (ll).
    6 - Knit one row left to right This should be your MC yarn (needles should be selected).
    7 - Set-up your carriages: On main bed KC (ll) & both "part" buttons in - On Ribber both Cam Levers up to PR, Slide Lever to |l|l (center), KR Change Knobs to |l|l, Tucking Lever to N and Holding Cam Levers up.
    8 - Slide carriages to the left and follow the "memo" display as to when to change colors, continue knitting and changing colors when prompted.

    Did this help? Let me know you know how to reach me...

    1. And oh, I rarely knit for "me!" LOL

    2. Hi Tom,
      I have been searching for a long time to find instructions on how to use the fairisle and single motif on Brother 965 as DBJ. Where can I find this information? I can't find instructions in the manuals that came with machine.
      Thank you in advance.

  12. Yeah, I think Tom has it. If you are getting stripes on the right side, then you are doing everything right, BUT you are starting at the wrong end. You do the selection row in MY left to right, then set it up for DBJ, knit back to the colour changer and then change colours.

    DBJ punch cards start with 1 row MY *two rows CY two rows MY, rep from * to end. So it is the same on an electronic.

    Two colour slip and tuck are the same too, if you start in the wrong direction, all you get is stripes. Ask me how I know (tries to hide a large pile of stripey swatches in the cupboard). :)

    Good luck!

  13. Oh and it's entirely possible to muck it up on the Passap too - and it takes longer to spot the mistake because of the beds.... :) BTDT

  14. Thanks Tom and Jane - although Tom I dont think the 965i has the KRC button you are mentioning? Do you know if the 965i has an alternative?

  15. Thank you this was very helpful!

    Machine Knitter in California


  16. It would be the l and or ll key to the left side of the panel.