Sunday, 17 June 2012

It's like learning a new language - Passapese!

I'm so excited!!! Look at what I went to pick up from Metropolitan in Cheshire yesterday!!!!!

Yes my new to me Passap Duo 80. I love it! Carol got me knitting on it at Metropolitan but have not tried it at home yet - it has taken me a while to find somewhere for it to go and to set it up. It came with everything - even a Deco, which is great as I can do punchcard patterning too. I was also given a box full of folders containing loads of Passap patterns - for free!!!

Another great thing about this machine is that I think it is much quiter than Japanese machines. My Brother 965i is still set up, it is just opposite the Passap on a worktop.

Lets hope I adjust to knitting with a Passap. It's like learning a new language - Passapese!


  1. Congratulations!!! Give yourself time to learn Passapese.
    Once you get fluent, you're going to love knitting on your Passap! :-))))

  2. I know you will do some wonderful knitting on your Passap! Best of luck Phil.