Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Iris Bishop "Evolution"

Well, I am pretty excited as Iris Bishop's BRAND NEW pattern "Evolution" is out. I received my copy this morning from Carol at Metropolitan, and I really cannot wait to get knitting one. Its a tuck stitch and knitweave project so should test my skills.

There are 4 options you can knit ... a waistcoat with or without sleeves, and a jacket with or without sleeves. You can also knit them in different lengths - waist and a longer tunic type. I have decided I am going to knit the longer length tunic style waistcoat (above).

I have already ordered my yarn - I have decided on Yeoman's Sari 3 ply. Not saying the colour as it will be a surprise. I have also decided to use J C Brett Marble Chunky as my weaving yarn - again not saying which colour!

All I can say is this is a real WOW garment when you see the pictures and I cant wait to get knitting it!


  1. Hi there, I too have the pattern and have started to knit it using up my stash of yarns by putting 3/4 strands together. It is looking fabulous at the moment. However I have come across a small problem during the knitting of the panels. I do not seem to have enough stitches left to put into holding position, so I am having to contact Iris to see where I am going wrong. Concentration on knitting this garment is a must.I have opted to do the decorative version, which entails lots of changing of yarns, and rows, so maybe I have miscalculated somewhere along the line. I will however persevere with this beautiful pattern, and hopefully get it finished. Just love Iris's patterns. Hope you manage to knit it too. Best wishes Val Poole

    1. Hi Val so sorry to not have got back sooner. I did not do the decorative version purely for that reason! To many things to think about with the holding position and changing yarns / weaving etc... Maybe there is an error in the pattern for the decorative option? I noticed one error in the pattern when I was knitting it, but it was only a row count error. I managed to knit it up ok. Who knows I may end up trying the decorative option one day! I hope you get your problem sorted out. Best wishes, Phil.

  2. Hi Phil, you may have got this message twice, but here goes. I love the coat that you have finished. I have had two attempts at knitting it, one the decorative way, and one the classic way. Somewhere along the line I have made a boob, so both of them have come off the machine. Can you tell me which part of the pattern you have found the error in please? As this is maybe where I am going wrong. Do you think that Iris should be made aware of it too? Anyway, I am having another attempt at it this weekend, and would welcome any help from you in achieving finishing it. Thanks and best wishes Val Poole.

  3. Hi Val - first of all do you have an email address? Would be much easier to communicate that way rather than here as I do not always check back on older blog posts for messages. The only error I found was on page 15 of the pattern on panel 16. It says - Knit one row. Carr at the left. Inc 2 sts at the left edge and knit 2 rows. RC= 002. The RC is wrong here it should be RC= 003.